Optimize processes with skills-based routing

Skills-based routing is available now for some time in Salesforce.  But, why would you want to make use of it?

As a starter, the Salesforce Skills-based routing rules may get used for non-voice channels.  Next to Custom Objects, the following out-of-the-box objects may get used:

  • Cases
  • Leads
  • Orders
  • Messages
  • Chats

Incoming or outgoing telephone calls are not part of this solution. With the introduction of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, there is a tighter integration for your support agents – voice and non-voice interactions may get handled via the Omnichannel widget, but the routing of incoming phone calls still happens via Amazon Connect.

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Why would you use skills-based routing

There may be different reasons for implementing skills based routing.  Here are a few possible reasons:

  • You want to get the best possible agent to answer incoming questions: Not everyone has the same level of knowledge about all topics, or speaks every language up to the same level.  So you may want to get the best possible agent to answer a question based on parameters that are important to you
  • You don’t want agents to pick the easy questions and leave the more difficult items for their colleagues: it is simply human nature trying to do the easy things first and leave the difficult things for later.  But in a support environment, this should obviously not happen.  Incoming questions should be handled by priority or first-in first-out.  So you may want to take more control over this.
  • You may want to get better utilization of agents: Use skills based routing to distribute work over different agents that have the same expertise.  Skills based routing may do that automatically for you.
  • Your agents work in different locations, but you would like them to behave as one big virtual support team: Configure your Salesforce implementation in such a way that work gets distributed to the correct agent, without the agents having to ask who is doing what.  By pushing the work to the best possible agent, people get their work assigned automatically and don’t have to check if an items is already taken care of.

Aligning your support processes by implementing Salesforce Omnichannel Skills-based Routing, ensures better service for your customers.  As the best possible agent gets selected automatically, your customers get better support.

Are you interested in these functionalities?  Would you like to get more information?  Then schedule a call where we may discuss and demonstrate how this may work for your company!

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