Data Privacy with cloud contact center implementations

Data Privacy and GDPR rules in Europe are hot topics these days. Going for cloud solutions and implementing, for instance, a cloud contact center, puts probably even more focus on getting compliancy with data privacy rules.

Many companies publish how they handle GDPR questions, and so does Salesforce on this page.

But, your company doesn’t use just one application.  Which means that the combination of applications and solutions that you use make if your organisation is GDPR compliant or not.

How does this work when you use a cloud contact center solution?  What happens and what stays in the cloud?

Communication & Data in the cloud contact center solution

A cloud contact center solution is generally used to

  • Accept and distribute incoming calls
  • Handle outbound calls
  • Store call recordings
  • Store call tracking and history data
  • Accept and distribute incoming (non-voice) Cases

What data resides on a cloud contact center solution:

  • Call data: data like which number has called, to which number was called, how long did the call take, which agent has handled the call
  • Agent details: user login data
  • Agent status: how long have agents been available, in call, in break, etc
  • Routing decisions: which agent is best suited to answer
  • Call recordings: if you switch on call recording, for instance for quality management, then these will be stored on the cloud contact center platform

Whether these are client data or data about your employees, all data and security should comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data privacy in the cloud contact center solution

Given the importance of GDPR, you should carefully analyse that these are implemented correctly with all solutions that you use in your company.  The cloud contact center is just one component, but obviously an importante one because it may hold detailed information about employees and customers.  Certainly with call recording storage and access from within Salesforce.

Let’s take the example of Amazon. Amazon’s GDPR implementation and compliancy is described here.

AWS Security Model - cloud contact center

More information may also be found in these documents:


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