Make your Sales & service teams more (cost) efficient

Amazon Connect allows for great flexibility for your Sales and Service teams. With Amazon Connect, you may provide personal, dynamic and natural experience to your customers. It has been design for omnichannel, currently supporting voice and chat.

Implementing Amazon Connect brings you a platform that is easy to manage, with easy-to-use intuitive management tools.

Key functionalities

Some of the key functionalities are:

  • Dynamic contact flows
  • Chat bot applications
  • Voice bot applications
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time reporting
  • Historical reporting

Possible enhancements

With Amazon Connect being part of the Amazon Web Service platform, this allows for an enormous amount of opportunities to extend the standard functionalities of Amazon Connect itself.

Here are some examples:

  • Real-time sentiment analysis for incoming calls
  • Deep integration with Machine Learning functionalities
  • Make trend or risk assessment of ongoing calls
  • etc

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