Over the years, companies have often centralised their administrative teams in one location. But with traffic congestions and different mindsets of millenials, the trend moves towards virtual teams.  Especially millenials want more freedom in choosing where and when they work.

Virtual Contact Center teams

Also for contact centers it becomes more important to allow people to work from their own preferred work spot. Flexibility and work-life balance are high on the priority list of many people.  It is often difficult for companies to find the right skilled people when they stick to a centralised approach.

However, moving from a centralised to a de-centralised team setup is not easy.  There are process changes needed, as well as tools need to be in place to support your virtual contact center teams.

As mentioned in Itellezy‘s video training about Leading Virtual Teams, it takes some extra work to organise virtual teams.

Compared with managing local teams, it will take more preparation and follow-up to get virtual team members’ involvement into your company’s goals.  So, if it takes more time to organise, why would you move to virtual teams?  Here are some key advantages:

  • Best resources and talents
  • Unified culture
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • More robust solutions

Virtual Contact Center solutions

Whether you implement virtual teams within one country or globally, your infrastructure needs to be correctly set up.  People in different locations need the same reliability and connectivity to be able to work efficiently.

Cloud solutions like Salesforce and Amazon ConnectAmazon Web Services in general – are solutions that allow you implementing virtual teams.

As a Customer Relationship Management solution, Salesforce lets your sales, service and marketing teams work in a superior business application.  Where you work is not important as long as you have a good Internet connection.

Amazon Connect adds Contact Center functionalities.  It let’s your contact center teams to work from everywhere: home, a remote office or in the office. It also perfectly integrates with, for instance, Salesforce.  Combining both solutions allows your contact center team to be fully operational at all times.

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