Manage cost in contact center with Amazon Connect

With focus on Market leading solutions for CRM and Cloud implementations, we focus on implementing and supporting Salesforce and Amazon Connect.  Being a customer focused company, we want to help you supporting your customer in the most efficient way.

For us, efficiency comes in 3 topics:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Cost and resource efficiency
  • Speed to market

Implementing off-the-shelve solutions

Typically with off-the-shelve solutions, licenses have to be foreseen upfront. As a company you estimate the maximum number of licenses that you need at a given time.  Whether you use all licenses, or if you only need all licenses only for a limited amount of time during the year, doesn’t matter.

Likewise for your infrastructure.  Let’s assume that you implement a new on-premise telephony system which you also use as Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) to segment and route incoming calls.  You want to ensure that you don’t get downtime, so you foresee for high-availability, security and maintenance yourself.  From experience, for instance while working on 300+ seat implementations, it takes 9 months to a year to get funding, a project plan, an integrator and then effectively do the implementation and migration of all users.  Implementing such systems takes a high investment (capex) and it takes a vast amount of operational expenses (opex) to maintain the environment. Happy CCA with Amazon Connect

So, is there an alternative? Yes, there is!

Amazon Connect to manage cost and resources

Moving to the cloud and implementing Amazon Connect as Cloud Contact Center solution enables you to control costs and resources.

With Amazon Connect you are not bound to license terms, you only pay for your actual usage.  As an example, when you generally have 10 agents in your support team, but in December you need 15, then you pay

  • 11x for for 10 licenses
  • 1x – December – for 15 licenses

This provides a clear difference compared to other off-the-shelve solutions as you actually only pay for what you use.

Moreover, you are not bound to contract duration.  When you stop using Amazon Connect, then you don’t pay any longer.

In terms of infrastructure, Amazon Web Services – of which Amazon Connect is one of the services provided – ensures that infrastructure, infrastructure security and maintenance is taken care of for you.


Want to know more?  Want to take a test run?  Then fill in our contact page and we’ll get things going as soon as possible

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