Dynamic routing with Amazon Connect

Skills-based routing is an important aspect for inbound (and outbound) contact centers.  How do you manage your agent’s skills?  How do you ensure that calls get routed to the best suited agent at all times?  And how do you follow-up on agents that build new skills?


Earlier this year, Salesforce announced MyTrailhead as a publicly available learning experience platform.  Working in the Salesforce ecosystem, we are all familiar with Trailhead.  But now, all companies my use the learning platform to create their own trainings as well.  MyTrailhead learning platformAnd what about using the skills built in MyTrailhead, to route incoming calls to the right agent?

Skills-based routing

Probably you agree that it’s a tedious job to match skills with queues for incoming calls in your contact center.  Traditionally, you have queues like ‘English’ and ‘French’, or specific queues for ‘Product A’ or ‘Product B’.  On the other side, you have agents that have the appropriate language skills, or that are trained for a specific product.  Although your agents may get trained new skills, the definition of your skills-based routing matrix is somewhat static.  Most probably, you will only change your setup when it is really necessary.  As it takes a pretty large effort to remap all possible routing variables.

Routing based on skills built in MyTrailhead

Amazon ConnectIn a recent implementation, we completely changed the traditional routing approach.  Instead of pre-defining the queues and the skills in Amazon Connect, we now base the routing of incoming calls on the trainings that agents follow in MyTrailhead.  So basically…there is no ‘English’ or ‘French’ queue anymore.  Instead, we dynamically query Salesforce from Amazon Connect and match the skills – built in MyTrailhead – of the available agents with what is required for the incoming call…  When we find a suitable and available agent, Amazon Connect creates a Case in Salesforce, and pushes the Case to the selected agent.

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