From on-premise to cloud infrastructure for your call center

Implementing off-the-shelve solutions often requires a heavy capital expense and a reasonable amount of operational expenses.  Moving to cloud solutions reduces the capital expenses, but it also often raises the operational costs.  Reason being that the license cost per user is higher as infrastructure and maintenance costs are all included in the monthly fee per user.  What if you could eliminate also a big portion of the operational costs for your call center or support team’s telephony infrastructure?

Infrastructure and license cost

When implementing on-premise IT solutions, or when using cloud business applications, you always need to foresee the peak number of users when ordering licenses.  As usage is based on a named-user basis, every application user requires a license.

Considering big differences in load, it could very well be that during most of the year you use only a limited percentage of available licenses.  Businesses with high and low seasonable load may use all licenses only one or two months per year.

The same counts for the infrastructure that you need for an on-premise implementation.  You have to take into account the peak needs, ensure high-availability, security, etc.  So you will size your solution calculated on worst case so that you are sure that all usage and failure scenarios are covered.

Requiring an over-sized on-premise infrastructure and a number of licenses which you perhaps only need for a limited time during the year, clearly puts a lot of pressure on your budget.

Dynamically size your infrastructure and licenses

Implementing a cloud solution already reduces the risk, as all infrastructure questions are managed for you.  However, the license cost often remains.  You’re still required to buy the number of licenses based on peak usage.Amazon Connect on AWS

What if you could change that (for a part)?  What if you would pay only for what you use?

Amazon Connect is the answer!  With Amazon Connect you only pay for what you use.  Generally you have a team of 10, but in December you need 25 agents available?  No problem. You pay for 10 users for 11 months and only in December you are billed for the actual 25 users that handle incoming and outgoing calls. And in January, after the Holiday season…you automatically go back to your normal 10 users.

Amazon Web Services also ensures that the infrastructure is in place to handle the load. You don’t have to take care of that at all.

Impact on your Salesforce contact center?

For Salesforce you have to order licenses for peak usage.  Nothing changes to that.  But the cost for your telephony solution gets drastically reduced.  Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and integrating it with Amazon Connect has a positive impact on your solution’s overall budget.


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