Service Level Agreement and Support for Amazon Connect

Rightfully, one of the first questions that prospects ask is about service availability and support when implementing Amazon Connect.  Here is a short overview of what you may expect from AWS and Omnicloud.

Service Level Agreement

As Amazon Connect is one of the many services of AWS, it is Amazon Web Services that provides the basis Service Level AgreementThis page contains the details.  The basic service level that is guaranteed for Amazon Connect, is 99.99%.

However, your Amazon Connect implementation also uses other AWS services. If you store recordings, the you use S3. If you integrate with Salesforce, then you will make use of Lambda.  So to calculate the overall SLA, you should combine the data for the different services that you use.

AWS Support

Amazon Web Services allows for signing-up for a support plan. Compare the support features provided by AWS Support

The following plans are available:

  • Basic
  • Developer
  • Business
  • Enterprise

We always suggest our customers to sign up for, at least, then Business Support Plan.  This ensure that you get timely feedback on questions you may have.

With the support plan in place, you may create Cases, which are categorized as:

  • Account & Billing Support
  • Service Limit Increases
  • Technical Support

Omnicloud Support

As we design and implement your Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center solution, we may need additional AWS services to fulfil your requirements.  For instance, if you want:

  • Call recording, then we will make use of S3
  • Call transcriptions, then we will make use of Transcribe
  • Integration with Salesforce, then we will make use of Lambda

No need to say that we provide administrator training and documentation of the implementation that we do.  Omnicloud Knowledge provides detailed information about your specific Amazon Connect implementationBut, our customers also get access to our Knowledge site. On this site we provide:

  • Overall descriptions of Amazon Connect setup and configuration, like what do the different Contact Flows mean and how may you use them
  • Support items for Amazon Connect, like how may I debug my contact flows or how do I analyze what is wrong in case of error?
  • Detailed descriptions of your specific implementation (available max 1 month after hand-over), which are only available (of course) for your support team

Omnicloud Knowledge is a combination of knowledge articles and recordings, providing you the ultimate platform to self-service your own Amazon Connect implementation.

Our customers get direct access to our Knowledge site, as to ensure they have as much data available as possible, to truly self-service their implementation.

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