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With Amazon Connect integration in Salesforce, your Sales and Service users may do all their tasks straight from within Salesforce.  Whether they handle only inbound calls, only outbound calls or a combination.  Not only does Amazon Connect handle calls, but it also fully aligns with Salesforce’s Omnichannel functionality.

Key Functionalities

Some of the key functionalities are:

  • Inbound call handling
  • Outbound call handling (click-to-dial)
  • Automatic recognition of incoming caller
  • Automatic registration of inbound and outbound calls
  • Full contact center operational reporting from within Salesforce
  • Call recording (agent, customer or both)
  • Synchronise Salesforce Omnichannel and Amazon Connect agent statuses in real-time

Further Enhancements

Next to the standard functionalities, Amazon Connect and AWS allow for further functional enhancements:

  • Use Salesforce data upon incoming calls, to have a fully dynamic contact flow and fully dynamic routing of incoming calls
  • Use more AWS services to create more fleixibility in your contact flows, eg play prompts dynamically on the called number, select Amazon Connect waiting queues based on called number or caller data, etc
  • Transcribe recorded calls and upload transcripts in Salesforce
  • Use AWS Streaming functionalities to show the caller’s sentiment to your agents in Salesforce

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Amazon Connect Voicemail

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Allow your customers to leave a voicemail, and let your agents follow-up directly from within Salesforce.