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Probably, your contact center reps get a number of repetitive questions from customers.  Questions like: “What is the status of my order?“, or “I would like to change the delivery date from Monday to Tuesday“… Keeping your customers in queue for these types of standard questions will probably frustrate them. While your support agents will not find it challenging to answer these questions either.  But then, as a company, you want to know what type of questions are asked, so that you may update your business processes accordingly…

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice enhances your agent’s experience, as now voice and non-voice channels may get processed via the Omni-channel widget.  But with Amazon Web Services in the background, there are also options to enhance the customer experience.

Service Cloud Voice

The Service Cloud Voice Implementation Guide provides a number of good examples.  For instance: “Link Case to Voice Call Record” and “Transfer SMS to Voice Call Record” bring a lot of value to your support agents. The first example ensures that your agent has a Case record readily available (if that is part of your process of course), the second example enables SMS as an additional support channel for your company.

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Amazon Lex and Salesforce SCV

Next to the examples provided by Salesforce, another potential optimization is the usage of a Chat Bot or Voice Bot in your solution. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a conversational bot.  When identifying some specific standard and repetitive processes, these may get automated without requiring a support agent to be available.

Amazon Lex allows the creation of Voicebots and Chatbots, AND to integrate these in your Contact Flow.  As the Amazon Connect (as this is the back-end for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice) Contact Flow also ensures easy integration with Salesforce, requests and feedback may be based on Salesforce data.

Some standard questions that could get automated are:

  • What is the status of my order?
  • When is the delivery of my order planned?

Retrieve answers to these question from Salesforce so that your customer gets up-to-date information.  Add an intelligent voice bot in your Salesforce Service Cloud Voice Contact FlowRegister the request and result directly in Salesforce.

Added Value of Voice and Chat Bots

Next to offloading your Contact Center, there are of course also other benefits – both for customers as for your company

Customer benefits

People want immediate answers.  Certainly for standard questions, it would be ‘painful’ for a customer having to wait for 2 or 3 minutes, to know when his order will get delivered.

Whenever people feel like contacting your company, the bot is always available to answer these basic questions.

Company benefits

As standard questions get offloaded from your support team, your team will be able to do more interesting tasks.  The skills of your support team will be better used.

Still, as a company it is important to understand which questions (and answers) have been provided to customers.  With Salesforce Service Cloud Voice‘s standard Lambda functions, a (closed) Case or Task may get created automatically.  This adds to the creation of a 360° view on your customer’s behavior



With the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, and Amazon Connect being used in the background, also other AWS services may get used.  AWS Lex is just one service that brings added value to your contact center implementation.  Fully integrate voice bot functionalities in your Contact Flows to enhance user experience and build your customer database!

Want to know more?

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