Amazon Connect Voicemail

Some may say that Voicemail is a legacy solution, which is not to be used anymore in times of social media.  However, there are still use cases where Voicemail is a viable channel in your support strategy.

Voicemail for Amazon Connect (BYOT)

Although Amazon Connect has no Voicemail functionalities available out-of-the-box, we created a standard functional implementation that provides exactly that functionality on Amazon Connect.

You may implement these functionalities via AWS Cloudformation (work in progress), and adapt the implementation to your specific needs.  For instance:

  • Use AWS Polly Text-to-Speech (TTS) for your specific IVR announcements. Or use pre-recorded messages in your Amazon Connect Contact Flows
  • Include Voicemail contact flow as part of your own Contact flow, for instance only during out-of-office time-frame or as overflow solution (also during business hours) for your contact center team
  • Implement Voicemail only for, for instance, sales inquiry options in your contact flow

Obviously, these are merely a number of examples.  You may use your own imagination on where our standard package best serves your implementation.

Treat them from within Salesforce

In an ideal world, your Sales and/or Support teams can do all their work from within Salesforce.  So, that’s what we help you to achieve!

Our solution automatically creates the correct records in Salesforce. So your teams may do all what’s necessary straight from there. The following screenshots, show the automatic creation of a Case and its related Task – with integrated link to the recording Voicemail message:

New Case for incoming Voicemail


Voicemail Task in Salesforce

In this example we:

  • Retrieve the Contact record in Salesforce, based on the caller’s number
  • Create the Case directly linked to the Contact that we found, and we also create a linked Task (to the Case) with the link to the recording included
  • Put the new Case in a dedicated ‘Voicemail Queue’, from where your Contact Center agents may immediately process your customer’s question

Again, these screenshots are merely examples, and the implementation may get adapted to your specific needs.  In case you need a Voicemail solution in your Sales team, then a new Lead or Opportunity, or just a Task linked to the specific Contact that called, may get created automatically in Salesforce.

Service Cloud Voice

Also Salesforce Service Cloud Voice brings voicemails in Salesforce.  AWS and Salesforce provide an example implementation, where the recorded (voicemail) call gets transcribed. The solution creates a Case, with a link to the voicemail recording straight from within Salesforce.



It is often said that phone calls and voicemail are not important anymore in supporting your customers. While other interaction channels are used a lot, there are many occasions where people want to make a call with your support team.  A robust voice platform is still much needed.

If you plan to transform your support organization or require assistance implementing Salesforce, Service Cloud Voice or Amazon Connect (as Bring-Your-Own-Telephony), then we are happy to assist you!

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