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Where to start with Salesforce CTI implementations?

Salesforce CTI with Amazon Connect

Companies regularly ask how they may integrate incoming calls with Salesforce.  The don’t always look for a complete omnichannel approach yet. But they search for a solution to get customers connected with the right agent and ensuring that the agent has the correct information displayed. So these are talks about how starting off with such […]

Get your contact center statistics automatically in Salesforce

When implementing and integrating Salesforce with a cloud contact center solution, it is imperative to get call center statistics available automatically in Salesforce. Classic telephony solutions Classic telephony solutions like Cisco or Avaya, don’t have the standard functionalities available to automatically load call statistics in your CRM solution.  Instead, reporting on data like call length […]

Data Privacy in a Cloud Contact Center environment

Data Privacy with cloud contact center implementations

Data Privacy and GDPR rules in Europe are hot topics these days. Going for cloud solutions and implementing, for instance, a cloud contact center, puts probably even more focus on getting compliancy with data privacy rules. Many companies publish how they handle GDPR questions, and so does Salesforce on this page. But, your company doesn’t […]