Salesforce Service Cloud Voice – Service Appointment Self-Service application

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Implementing Self-Service applications in your Contact Center greatly enhance both Customer Experience AND Employee Engagement.

Customers expect the best experience. Callers don’t want to wait in an IVR application for 5 or 10 minutes to simply get an update on their Service Appointment planning… They expect to get such feedback pro-actively, or without having to wait in queue.

Likewise, it is not appealing for your Contact Center agents to answer such standard and repetitive questions. Contact Center agents may only provide the information that they have available in Salesforce… Something that an automated system may do for them.

A Self-Service Voicebot application may greatly help in resolving both customer expectations and agents experience.

This course teaches you how to create a Self-Service application for the management of Service Appointments with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect.


  • Create a fully-functioning Self-Service IVR application in Salesforce Service Cloud Voice
  • Use AWS Lex to enhance the customer experience so that your customer may speak out the chosen option (instead of using DTMF)


  • Building functional and technical capabilities in your team allow you to manage your Service Cloud Voice implementation in-house
  • The course fully details the configuration of the Amazon Connect Contact Flow and other AWS services – all you need to build the solution is fully explained in the course

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