Enable Your Omni-channel Cloud Contact Center

With the right information available, your sales and service agents may solve customer questions quickly, and in the first contact. Let AI and ML support your teams to provide the best possible support for your customers.

Set correct skills weight and workload for correct work distribution in skills based routing

Your agents want efficient tools to deliver productive customer conversations

Bring all relevant data to your customer support agent in one solution, allowing your employee to provide the best possible support to your customers, without having to switch applications all the time.

Managers want an ML-powered contact center they can manage in minutes, not months

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) services bring your contact center data to live. It allows for better interpretation of your data, recognize specific patterns and make predictions about it.

Salesforce and Unified Desktop

How We May Assist You

Implementing Amazon Connect first requires analysis of your sales and/or support processes. What interaction channels do you want to use? What information do you have available and in which systems are these data?

Together, we review your service strategies, and plan for an omni-channel approach.  In short, our approach is:

  1. Where are you today and where do you want to get?
  2. Build Strategy to unify your message over your support channels
  3. Train your agents
  4. Manage the transition

Amazon Connect allows for great flexibility for your Sales and Service teams. With Amazon Connect, you may provide personal, dynamic and natural experience to your customers. It has been design for omnichannel, currently supporting voice and chat.

Implementing Amazon Connect brings you a platform that is easy to manage, with easy-to-use intuitive management tools.

Key functionalities

Some of the key functionalities are:

  • Dynamic contact flows
  • Chat bot applications
  • Voice bot applications
  • Voice recording
  • Real-time reporting
  • Historical reporting

Possible enhancements

With Amazon Connect being part of the Amazon Web Service platform, this allows for an enormous amount of opportunities to extend the standard functionalities of Amazon Connect itself.

Here are some examples:

  • Real-time sentiment analysis for incoming calls
  • Deep integration with Machine Learning functionalities
  • Make trend or risk assessment of ongoing calls
  • etc

Our focus is on implementing Amazon Connect with Salesforce, as part of Salesforce’s Service Cloud Voice or as part of the Bring-Your-Own-Telephony offerings.

However, Amazon Connect may also get implemented with your existing (Customer Relationship Management) applications.

In all scenarios, you may use AWS’s infrastructure to integrate multiple data sources, to use these data in intelligently routing incoming questions to the appropriate agent.

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