With Omnicloud.be we put the focus on Omnichannel Customer Support and Customer Experience

While people may think it is the Marketing or the Sales department that has most contacts with customers, this is often not the case. In many companies it is the Customer Support team that has most interactions with customers.    

Customers expect to get quality support via their preferred channel.  Millenials use social media, people in their 40’s may prefer e-mail and other people still prefer support via telephone.  As a company it is important to understand who is part of your customer base, and what support channels you should put focus on.

People contacting your support team via Twitter will want feedback in less than 1 hour.  People getting in touch via e-mail may be ok to get a next-day feedback.  And people calling don’t want to be in a waiting queue for 15 minutes.

What do we do?

We assist companies to:

  • Analyse what support channels to focus on
  • Streamline processes to implement omnichannel support effeciently
  • Implement omnichannel support via Salesforce
  • Integrate omnichannel support via Salesforce, telephony platforms, social media, etc

Our experience

We implement Customer Relationship Management solutions in Contact and Support Centers since 1996, with focus on Salesforce since 2015.