Implementing Cloud Contact Center Solutions in Your Organisation

Times are over for people to work in the office all the time. Employees search for more flexibility in their work- and personal time spending. Creating a culture where teams self-organise, which provides more flexibility in where and when the work gets done, creates more engaged teams.

While your contact center agents request flexibility, you still want to efficiently organise and manage your teams. Supervisors need the tools to follow-up support agents, re-balance teams according to shifting loads (both in volume and channels), etc.

On the other hand, customers want to use their preferred channel when searching support from your company. Companies need a contact center platform that provides all possibilities, and allows your support organisation to evolve easily.

On-premise installed contact center solutions can’t always live up to these requirements. How do you combine all these requirements in your organisation?

Customer Experience

Overall, a Cloud Contact Center solution improves Customer Experience. The platform allows for easy integration of different contact channels (phone, email, chat…). You may leverage AI functionalities to deflect / automate certain questions, which may lead to lower wait times in the classic IVR queues.

Elastic Scaling

Let your contact center grow or shrink according to the interactions that have to get supported.
Compared with on-premise solutions, a Cloud Contact Center solution creates extra elasticity in your support organisation.

Intelligent Routing

Reduce wait times by intelligently routing incoming requests, for instance based on data in your CRM application, or based on the channel that is used by your customer.
This benefits your customer, but it also increases the productivity of your agents by ensuring that they work on the right task at the right moment.

Fast Implementation

On-premise Contact Center solutions typically take months to implement as it gets installed on local servers. With a Cloud Contact Center solution you will be up-and-running in weeks instead of months.

Team Flexibility

A Cloud Contact Center solution makes it easy to work from everywhere. A stable Internet connection is all it takes to include agents in your virtual support team.

Call Tracking & Analytics

A Cloud Contact Center solution that natively integrates with your Customer Relationship Management application, ensures that you have all reporting and analytics directly and uniformly available.

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