Research shows that your customer is your best investment! This is not a secret, most companies are aware that this is the case. However, as investments in Customer Experience may span different aspects in your business, how effective are your efforts to raise your customer’s experience?

Effective Customer Experience

So, while everyone agrees that Customer Experience is very important for every organization, not everyone takes the effectiveness of their efforts into account.

Because, even while you put a lot of effort and money into enhancing Customer Experience in your organization, perhaps it is not very effective…

To get the expected financial return it is important to focus on customer experience enhancements that are effective for your organization

Compared to investments in advertising and brand awareness, providing excellent customer support will have greater impact on the bottom line of your company. Customers expect exceptional support. And companies that are able to provide this also perform better compared to their peers.

But What About Your Support Agents?

Customer Experience is in large parts linked with how your agents perform. Items like

  • having relevant data available
  • having the right tools available
  • knowing where to find data fast & easy

will greatly influence your support agent’s effectiveness. And, a happy and efficient agent will be able to support your customer in the best possible way.

One-size-fits-all actually doesn’t fit at all! That’s why we work with you to identify the key moments in your customer journey, and to make improvements where they have the most significant effect

The Time Is Right

Economic difficult times show the difference between good and excellent performing companies. Often, the difference between being good and excellent is linked with the experience that people have with a company, during the sales cycle, but more often also when they require support. This is where people truly feel the difference. This is where people decide to buy again from the same company, or…not.

As you see in the graph, investing in Customer Support is always beneficial for your company. But in difficult economic times, the impact of such investments is even higher compared to making the same investments in normal economic circumstances.

Compared to previous years, business is more difficult now. So this is the time to make the right choice! This is the time to invest in that one part of your company that has the highest impact on financial performance of your organization! Customer Support!

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How do we help

Process & Data Optimization

  • Analyze your current support processes
  • Analyze your current data integration processes
  • Analyze your current channel support vs team capabilities
  • Architect for (data) process updates and work procedures

Implementation & Configuration

  • Implement & Configure Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Implement & Configure Salesforce Service Cloud Voice
  • Implement & Configure your omnichannel processes in Salesforce
  • Implement & Configure AWS Amazon Connect (as part of Service Cloud Voice or independent)
We support you in supporting your customers via