Teach Yourself to Enhance Your Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect Implementation

Online Courses

Once you have your initial Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect implementation, you want to make enhancements to your initial Contact Flows and functionalities.

If you really want to make optimal use of your implementation, then you will want to use specific AWS services with your Salesforce SCV implementation. Next to creating Contact Flows in Amazon Connect, you may include services like Lex, DynamoDB, etc to create fully dynamic solutions.

Our courses provide step-by-step implementations for real-live scenarios, with usage of additional AWS services so that you may implement them as such in your configuration. With our courses you get all information to implement fully working solutions in your IVR application.

Your Benefits

  • Teach yourself to enhance your own implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect
  • Become master of the updates that are needed in Salesforce and in AWS to create dynamic IVR applications
  • Step-by-step guidance ensures that you have a working and dynamic IVR implementation