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Default Required Skills in Dynamic Skills-based Routing

Default a required skill with skills-based routing

With Skills-based routing in Salesforce, you have the ability to dynamically select the best-placed support agent, to answer an incoming question.  But there may be situations where you want to have one or two required skills.  These skills should always be met. Next to other skills, where you may want to reduce their importance if […]

Using External Routing solution with Salesforce

External routing allows you to use your existing communication platform with Salesforce Omni-channel.  In a ‘pure’ implementation, Salesforce decides which agent should answer an incoming work item.  When you prefer using the decision engine of your existing unified communication platform, External Routing allows you to do so. Why External Routing? Salesforce Omnichannel routing allows to […]

Skills-based routing in Salesforce

Routing work items according to agent skills

Before the introduction of Skills-based routing, it was only possible to distribute work via Queues in Salesforce Service Cloud. Using Queues, it was – and still is of course – possible to put similar work in the same ‘bucket’.  Support agents have access to Queues based on a specific skill.  With Skills-based routing, you get […]

Configuring Skills-based routing in Salesforce

Salesforce Omni-Channel Skills-Based Routing

As mentioned in our previous article, Salesforce Skills-based routing may get used to route incoming – non-voice – questions to the best-skilled agent.  Based on the data available with the incoming question, a match may get made with the skills of the available agents.  And so, Salesforce will push the question to the agent that […]

Why Skills-based routing

Optimize processes with skills-based routing

Skills-based routing is available now for some time in Salesforce.  But, why would you want to make use of it? As a starter, the Salesforce Skills-based routing rules may get used for non-voice channels.  Next to Custom Objects, the following out-of-the-box objects may get used: Cases Leads Orders Messages Chats Incoming or outgoing telephone calls […]

5 Reasons Why Omnichannel Contact Centers Are The Future

omnichannel support across devices

Young adults are used to have a multitude of possibilities to get answers to their questions.  Being able to answer customers via different channels becomes more important every day.  An omnichannel strategy is required to ensure that you put the right focus on the right channels. Omnichannel self-service simplifies customer experience Self-service is a critical […]

Managing omnichannel support objectives with Salesforce

Are these your customers waiting in queue?

Implementing self-service functionalities via your website allows your organisation to deflect a number of questions from your support agents.  But when customers want to communicate with one of your support people, it is important to have solutions in place to bring the question to the right agent – to have an omnichannel support strategy. Omnichannel […]

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 unresolved negative experience

It takes 12 positive experience to hide 1 bad customer experience

In today’s connected world, customers expect to get a correct answer to their question as soon as possible, and via their own favorite communication channel.  Customer experience becomes more important by the day, so no doubt that your organization must ensure to provide the same feedback across all channels that you support. Certainly Y-generation peoples […]

Get prepared for omnichannel support to guarantee continued and highest customer satisfaction

Get prepared for omnichannel support to guarantee continued and highest customer satisfaction

Days have passed when support was only provided via telephone or by sending letters in case of complaints.  These days, people use all possible channels to get the information that they need, or to express their feelings about your brand or company. Many companies start following what’s being said on Facebook and Twitter about their […]