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Handle incoming Voicemail messages from within Salesforce

Amazon Connect Voicemail

Some may say that Voicemail is a legacy solution, which is not to be used anymore in times of social media.  However, there are still use cases where Voicemail is a viable channel in your support strategy. Voicemail for Amazon Connect (BYOT) Although Amazon Connect has no Voicemail functionalities available out-of-the-box, we created a standard […]

Voicebot apps in your contact center

Voicebot apps on Amazon Connect

Chatbot, Voicebot, Visual IVR… next to social media, you also want information from these channels fully integrated in your CRM application…  As a company you want 360° view on all interactions with your customers. Picture this: A customer calls your contact center and ends up in your self-service voicebot Your customer answers the questions that […]

The customer journey consists of different touchpoints and channels

Customer journey influences your customer's experience

Customers are in constant connection with your company.  The customer journey consists of different touch point and different channels.  And it’s your customer that decides which channels are used!  Whether you want to provide better customer experience, or you want to attrackt more younger customers, or for any other reason…it is important to understand the […]

5 Reasons Why Omnichannel Contact Centers Are The Future

omnichannel support across devices

Young adults are used to have a multitude of possibilities to get answers to their questions.  Being able to answer customers via different channels becomes more important every day.  An omnichannel strategy is required to ensure that you put the right focus on the right channels. Omnichannel self-service simplifies customer experience Self-service is a critical […]

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud contact center to innovate customer experience

Many companies continue to use their legacy telephony solution to integrate with Salesforce.  While connecting a locally installed PABX with the Salesforce cloud works, there are some downsides to this.  A Cloud Contact Center solution helps to get the right Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and to let your sales and service teams work optimally! Local […]

Why hiding your calling number provides bad customer experience

Why hiding your calling number provides bad customer experience

Companies want to provide good customer experience. But, when calling prospects or customers they hide their calling number. This is devostating the effectiveness of the campaign, and it provides bad customer experience. Like all of us, I regularly get calls from companies that want to sell a new product, to change electricity or gas provider…Today […]

Managing omnichannel support objectives with Salesforce

Are these your customers waiting in queue?

Implementing self-service functionalities via your website allows your organisation to deflect a number of questions from your support agents.  But when customers want to communicate with one of your support people, it is important to have solutions in place to bring the question to the right agent – to have an omnichannel support strategy. Omnichannel […]

How do you harmonize customer experience over multiple sites?

How do you harmonize customer experience over multiple sites?

Harmonization of processes in a company that has multiple sites is not always easy.  People in different sites may treat customers differently or start to implement different processes compared to those that were agreed at the beginning.  When a homegrown company expands, it is not always easy to have everyone on the same path.  When […]

When flexibility matters…for your employees AND your customers…and you: the business owner

When flexibility matters…for your employees AND your customers…and you: the business owner

As customer you probably have experienced already frustrating times waiting in queue until an agent answers your call, going through multiple IVR (Interactive Voice Response) levels, and hearing multiple messages announcing that you’re 4th…3rd…2nd…in line…if not only it said that ‘all agents are busy’… As employee – being the call center agent – you are […]

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 unresolved negative experience

It takes 12 positive experience to hide 1 bad customer experience

In today’s connected world, customers expect to get a correct answer to their question as soon as possible, and via their own favorite communication channel.  Customer experience becomes more important by the day, so no doubt that your organization must ensure to provide the same feedback across all channels that you support. Certainly Y-generation peoples […]