Create an overflow capacity in your contact center without burning your budget

Whenever required, the Belgian government enables the emergency number 1722 to enable people to report their specific problem.  Related to a recent storm, more than 78000 calls were done to this number.  Officials indicate that all procedures worked extremely well.  Except, most people calling the 1722 emergency number were in queue far too long… Contact […]

Dynamically size your support infrastructure on actual needs

From on-premise to cloud infrastructure for your call center

Implementing off-the-shelve solutions often requires a heavy capital expense and a reasonable amount of operational expenses.  Moving to cloud solutions reduces the capital expenses, but it also often raises the operational costs.  Reason being that the license cost per user is higher as infrastructure and maintenance costs are all included in the monthly fee per user.  […]

Cost and resource optimization in Customer Services with Amazon Connect

Manage cost in contact center with Amazon Connect

With focus on Market leading solutions for CRM and Cloud implementations, we focus on implementing and supporting Salesforce and Amazon Connect.  Being a customer focused company, we want to help you supporting your customer in the most efficient way. For us, efficiency comes in 3 topics: Operational efficiency Cost and resource efficiency Speed to market […]

Data Privacy in a Cloud Contact Center environment

Data Privacy with cloud contact center implementations

Data Privacy and GDPR rules in Europe are hot topics these days. Going for cloud solutions and implementing, for instance, a cloud contact center, puts probably even more focus on getting compliancy with data privacy rules. Many companies publish how they handle GDPR questions, and so does Salesforce on this page. But, your company doesn’t […]

Does a Cloud Contact Center solution fits your budget?

Salesforce CTI budget

An important question to answer when comparing on-premise communication platforms with cloud contact center solutions, may be budget!  And what does it bring to your Salesforce project? Organisation and processes Obviously there’s more than only budget.  Making the comparison between solutions is highly impacted by your organisation’s long-term vision and strategy.  How do you want […]

The customer journey consists of different touchpoints and channels

Customer journey influences your customer's experience

Customers are in constant connection with your company.  The customer journey consists of different touch point and different channels.  And it’s your customer that decides which channels are used!  Whether you want to provide better customer experience, or you want to attrackt more younger customers, or for any other reason…it is important to understand the […]

5 Reasons Why Omnichannel Contact Centers Are The Future

omnichannel support across devices

Young adults are used to have a multitude of possibilities to get answers to their questions.  Being able to answer customers via different channels becomes more important every day.  An omnichannel strategy is required to ensure that you put the right focus on the right channels. Omnichannel self-service simplifies customer experience Self-service is a critical […]

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud contact center to innovate customer experience

Many companies continue to use their legacy telephony solution to integrate with Salesforce.  While connecting a locally installed PABX with the Salesforce cloud works, there are some downsides to this.  A Cloud Contact Center solution helps to get the right Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and to let your sales and service teams work optimally! Local […]

AI to better understand your customers

Salesforce Einstein

Major companies like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft announced already before to work together to turn Big Data into Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Now also Salesforce announces to add AI to their platform – via its Einstein integrated component. Artificial Intelligence (AI) It sounds a bit scary, no?  Artificial Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management…why would we need […]

Outsource while keeping the overview of customer support

Keeping the overview in an outsource service desk environment using a cloud contact center solution

Companies that outsource (part of) their support teams, often have difficulties to keep a complete overview.  We have seen companies that outsource part of the voice communications. This led to distributed reporting, even more when multiple outsource partners are used.  With introduction of additional, mostly written, support channels, even more management is needed to get […]