Streamlining your support teams to provide support via different channels requires a solid omnichannel strategy.  It also requires knowledge of solutions that best integrate with Salesforce.

Why omnichannel?

Customers want to communicate via their preferred channels.  As a customer focused company you want to provide the best support to your customers, and so you need a solid solution that also allows for growth (and new support channels).

How do we help?

Every company has its particular processes, but there’s always a common basis when providing support to customers. Together we build your integrated Salesforce omnichannel roadmap You get a proven approach to:

  • Ensure that your support teams work in an integrated way, using the same processes and the same tools
  • Ensure that all your omnichannel expectations get truly implemented
  • Ensure that your telephony system is best integrated with Salesforce
  • Have a clear plan to implement your omnichannel approach in your organisation

What did other customers say?

  • A manufacturer at the start of Salesforce Service Cloud implementation with a Cloud Contact Center solution

    “We implement a cloud contact center solution with Salesforce, but it took a lot of time to define requirements and to make a solid product selection.  What you show us now took us 3 months of time!

  • A retailer moving from on-premise to cloud contact center solution

    We have no idea if our requirements will be covered in the cloud contact center solution.  We also don’t know which stepts are required to move to the cloud platform, what may be the pitfalls, how we should approach this project.  With your information we have a clear view on steps, timelines and budget required to initiate this project”

  • A utilities company embarking the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud

    “We want to implement Salesforce Service Cloud and we also move to Microsoft Skype-For-Business-Server. How may we combine both?  Where will the IVR application run?  How may we use Skype for Business with Salesforce?”


Would you like to know more?

Do you want to get a head start with your Salesforce Omnichannel implementation?  But you don’t know where to start?


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