What is Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a 100% cloud-based and serverless Cloud Contact Center solution. Compared to traditional platforms, you don’t need to take care of Hardware or Software to create your Contact Center solution.

Why Amazon Connect?

One of the biggest differentiators with classic solutions is that all functionalities may get used with you installing any hardware or software. The activation of Amazon Connect happens online, no need to reserve specific components upfront.

But this is not the only reason why you may chose for Amazon Connect. Hereunder a few more potential reasons.

How may we help you?

Any new platform requires training or support. We help our customers in design, setup and maintenance/support to get the best out of your Contact Center.


Is Amazon Connect a fit for your company? Why, or why not, would you implement Amazon Connect? And how do you start with it?


Once the decision is taken to implement, we help you to start of and to make your new Cloud Contact Center implementation a success!


If you don’t want to take care of it yourself, then we may support your setup for you. No need to follow-up or check logs. We take care of that for you!